A Person In The Center Of Design

World News
April 22, 2019
Architect Massimo Iosa Ghini presented the Human Proportions installation at the Interni Human Spaces exhibition in Milan.
The exhibition produced by Interni for FuoriSalone 2019, was held from April 8 to 19 at the University of Milan. The theme of the event was inspired by the statement of the architect Oscar Niemeyer: "Life is more important than architecture." The focus of the project and design in general was the person, his needs and well-being.

Massimo Iosa Ghini' s installation is a path that modifies and amplifies space, interpreting its depth, dynamism and architectural proportions in relation to the human figure. It is a volume with a rectangular visual form that embodies a perspective itinerary with an entrance that is larger than the final portion. Ten meters in length, the structure uses the human body as its reference to create an initial non-finite effect, connected to time, distance and the desire to reach what seems to be unreachable.
The load-bearing structure is made with a system of cold-formed sections by Manni Green Tech, which follows the perimeter of the mini-architecture and constitutes the frame for the dry and waterproof infill materials by Knauf Italia; the same technology is used to line the internal plaster walls. A panel at the entrance, made by Corradi, interfaces with the load-bearing framework to create a sense of suspension. A lighting system by iGuzzini Illuminazione defines the host space and establishes a relationship between man and the environment. A 3D profile with a height of about 70 cm, at the terminal part of the installation, acts as a perceptive paradigm.