Alexandra Fedorova
From 2000 to 2004, Aleksandra Fedorova worked in the UB design workshop as a leading architect. Also she was an architect of the State Unitary Enterprise MIIP "Mosproekt 4" in 2001−2004. In 2004 she founded her own architectural bureau. The company is engaged in designing residential and public buildings, working in the field of residential and public interior design, and has extensive experience in designing villas on the sea.

The main principle of the office is to create architecture and interiors "timeless". In all projects, the team of Alexandra Fedorova takes an architectural approach either in building, interior or an object in an interior. The bureau creates a human habitat in the form of a spatial composition, in which accessories can be added as needed, while the essence of the space will not change.

There are victories in the prestigious Russian and international awards and prizes, such as Under the House Roof, Architectural Award, Present of Future, Beautiful Houses, Pinwin, Interia Awards, Sustainable Architecture, European Property Awards Architecture, A Design Award, The American Architecture Prize, The ArchInnovation and others.