Claudio Balestri
The president of the Oikos company, which produces eco-friendly decorative paints, Claudio Balestri has always been an ethical entrepreneur. Deciding to change the world of paints from the very beginning, he studied new decorative solutions for creating sustainable alternative for solvent-based paints. In parallel, inspired by the Italian decorative tradition, he discovered new ornamental expressions, attaching great importance to the profession of master and decorator. The head of Oikos, Claudio Balestri, combines ethics, aesthetics and business in his work, looks to the future and respects the past.

Today, Oikos is a fully eco-friendly company that not only chooses sustainable raw materials for production, but also has a very low environmental influence with low energy costs, up to the reuse of metal powders or residual mineral materials from other manufacturers to create unusual decorative paints with exclusive effects.