Dennis Parren
The world-famous Dutch light designer Dennis Parren has won prestigious awards in the Netherlands and beyond. So, the Denns studio won in the international award of innovators for the business potential in the field of design Be Open. Light Designer is a participant of international exhibitions in the Vitra Design Museum (Lisbon, Portugal), Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Monterrey (Monterrey, Mexico), Design Week in Holland (Eindhoven, Netherlands), Imperial Furniture Collection (Vienna, Austria) and others.

Dennis Parren focuses on light as material. With his graduation project, the CMYK lamp, he has demonstrated something essential, which can only be achieved thanks to LED technology: the possibilities of technology made it possible for him to design a lamp without being confined to cultural restrictions.

Due to the invention of LED, light can be shaped. It is now something one can design, calculate and predict. Dennis' work concentrates on the effect of light, like shadow or reflection. Everything Dennis invents, and builds around it, serves the precious commodity that light is.

If we’re able to see a building as a bearer of light, a colour as a temporary interruption, shadow, colour and reflection as something you can control and design, if we can imagine how light would think, then we’re able to achieve extraordinary results. This idea might sound strange, but is not, once you realise that light makes life, as we know it, possible. It’s one of our main energy sources and the determining factor of our sleep and wake cycle. Without light there’s nothing. With light there’s everything. That makes light a unique material. One that is leading for Studio Dennis Parren.