Experimental Design Game

July 22, 2019
The FullHouseDesign studio gathered real interior legends created by the design masters in the TREND ZONE, complementing the composition with objects made by the sketches of Maria Ivanova-Sorokina.
"If, when looking at a chair, people smile, this is progress, because the chair is no longer just a comfortable piece of furniture to sit on. Design is now not only a matter of comfort, it has become a form of entertainment, a way to think and express oneself," the founder of "emotional" design Gaetano Pesce said. The interior contains a multifaceted semantic message — it is an experiment, a game, a search for balance between movement and a state of rest. The trend for emotional design returns fashion to the 1980s, trying to satisfy our need for optimism.

One of the main subjects of the "Games & Experiments" composition was the legendary UP5 chair by Gaetano Pesce. As far back as the mid-1960s, Pesce stated that furniture should not only perform a utilitarian function, but also improve a person’s mood, calling to treat objects created as adult toys. Another hero of the stand is Bibendum chair, created by Eileen Gray in 1926. Despite its age, it is considered to be one of the most recognizable in the world.

The central table made of different types of marble in combination with the semiprecious amazonite was created by Maria Ivanova-Sorokina based on the experimental style of Memphis. The second author’s subject is the LA dresser, inspired by Soviet aircraft of the same name series, named after the first letters of the aircraft designer Semyon Lavochkin. Modern Art experiments represent objects from the In The Foldsof Your Body series, 2016−2018. The artist Maria Agureeva created a series of latex, which, like the "second skin", is assembled in bizarre, exciting folds.

"Emotional design allows authors to feel more free and relaxed. Playfulness, tactile perception and experiments are becoming more and more important for everyday life," Pavel and Maria Ivanovs said.
Stand Partners

Furniture: Bulthaup Design Gallery / design-gallery.ru

Art objects: painting from the series In the Folds of Your Body, 2018, artist Maria Agureeva, Anna Nova Gallery / annanova-gallery.ru

Central Light: Handle Studio / handlestudio.ru

Paint: Benjamin Moore / ben-jaminmoore.ru

Chest on the sketches of designer Maria Ivanova-Sorokina: "Gysin and K"

Tables made of stone and mirror made by the sketches of designer Maria Ivanova-Sorokina: Аmetista / аmetista.pro