Isabelle Makay
Since September 2011 Isabelle Makay teaches the course "Language of Space" that since 2016 has been transformed into the "Minor Radical Ecologies" to third-year students of the Design Academy Eindhoven, NL. In this course, the video camera is used for doing qualitative research. End product is an audio-visual research document. Since September 2009 she tutors the subject of (re)search; from research to design "that since last year is called "Mapping Domesticities, enacting ethnographic Research", to all design departments in the second year of Design Academy Eindhoven, NL. Various ethnographic research methods are taught in this course to arrive at a design.

In 2009 she founded production house Josaphatpark Producties BVBA together with her partner/artist Ruben Bellinkx where she put all her projects under. From 2008 to 2014 she worked part-time as a "staff member Living" for the Living and Care Knowledge Centre in Brussels, where Isabelle Makay conducted research into alternative living forms for elderly people in Brussels.