Legend Of The Sphinx And 9 Trends

March 21, 2019
This year, the graphic concept of the St. Petersburg Design Week is based on the symbolism of the city and decodes the concept of beauty.
The basis of corporate identity of the new season is based on the symbols of St. Petersburg, as well as the 9 most interesting and promising trends in interior design, which were predicted by leading agencies and visionaries for this year. Such a combination is an attempt to answer the eternal question "What is beauty?". Graphically, the search for a new aesthetics is expressed with the help of special icons - each trend is indicated by a geometric symbol. The icons make up the image of the main character of the composition - the sphinx. The mythological creature is not only the author of famous mysteries of history, but also a recognizable symbol of St. Petersburg. The color scheme is also built on the city images: red symbolizes granite, blue - the sky, and yellow - the sun.
St. Petersburg Design Week 2019
St. Petersburg Design Week 2019
The author of the corporate style of Design Week 2019 is Elizaveta Slepokurova, Lead Designer of the Design-Media Department of FineStreet Media Group.
Trend 1. Return to nature
The theme of nature and sustainable development is expressed in the form of a square — the most stable geometric figure. In search of new intimacy with nature, we again and again return to our roots. Horizontal stripes symbolize cultural layers: thanks to natural selection and the natural desire for perfection, only the best remains on the surface.
Trend 2. Design as a mantra
"Less is better" - this is a new mantra of design, striving for peace and tranquility. The square as a symbol of stability, simplicity and minimalism translates the purity and clarity of ideas. The square serves as the main model for structuring the world. Order, comfort and functionality give rise to a modern oasis for relaxation.
Trend 3. Games And Experiments
An inverted square in a circle is an experiment, a game, the search for balance between perpetual motion and a state of rest. The symbol of a joyful, childhood-inspired new reality, where you can freely create and enjoy the process.
Trend 4. Digital Utopia
Stripes filled with color, interspersed with emptiness symbolize the binary code used in digital technology (one and zero). Thanks to the evolution of technology and the universal enthusiasm for augmented reality, the boundaries between imagination and everyday life are erased — people find themselves in a futuristic, illusory world. Cut corner means the lack of stability, a kind of mirage that takes a person into virtual life.
Trend 5. Collaboration
Successful, sought-after and high-quality design is born in dialogue and cooperation. An equilateral triangle crashing into a square is a dialogue between stability (constancy, traditionality) and novelty (peak demand, trendy direction).
Trend 6. Personalization
Personalization has become a new design philosophy, which is the main tool for attracting the attention of customers. It necessarily implies the flexibility of all decisions, when any furnishings can be customized and adapted according to the tastes and requirements of the client. The world revolves around man — a point as a new beginning of perpetual motion, interaction with the environment and space.
Trend 7. Ethnic & Crafts
Ethnic objects create accents in the interior, set its mood. Passion for crafts and natural materials is associated with a tendency to return to basics. A square of stripes, symbolizing nature in trend 1, is on the edge — here the ethnics are at the height of fashion.
Trend 8. New Poverty
"New poverty" gets rid of the excess in favor of the functionality and handicrafts. Balance based on honest materials, natural shades and verified lines reigns here. An isosceles triangle became a trend icon as a symbol of harmony, wholeness and solitude.
Trend 9. Tropics
Bright color pallet is a trend that was born at the junction of several fashion tendencies. Mid-century, the 60s and 70s, the group "Memphis" - all this influenced the fact that even strict contemporary gave up under the pressure of saturated accents. A recognizable trend symbol is a leaf of a tropical tree, which is graphically expressed as a circle with carved stripes. There are the moon in the clouds and the romance of the south among the other associations.