NCCA Will Be A Partner Of The Design Week Business Program

April 15, 2019
A series of lectures on contemporary art and design will be held in the Artplay SPb Design Center.
The North-West Branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art is a museum-exhibition and research organization that develops contemporary Russian art in the context of the world artistic process, forms and implements programs and projects in the field of contemporary art, architecture and design in Russia and for abroad.

The branch’s priorities include artistic and cultural projects that promote the dialogue of contemporary art and the cultural landscape of St. Petersburg; St. Petersburg up-to-date art; international projects; the integration of St. Petersburg contemporary art into the world artistic process; educational activities in the field of contemporary art. The art-residence of the North-West branch is located in Kronstadt.

As part of St. Petersburg Design Week 2019 invited NCCA speakers will talk about how a designer works with modern art, what "marginal design" is, how to create projects on the verge of modern art and design in Russia and how colleagues from Turkey do it.

Entrance to the lectures is free.