OIKOS Colorful Art

July 12, 2019
The president of OIKOS Claudio Balestri took part in SPb Design Week for the first time. He devoted his speech to a new collection of interior paints Tiepolo Color Collection.
The President of OIKOS Claudio Balestri and Head of the Oikos Academy in Russia Ilona Sinis at a lecture-presentation in the ArtPlay SPb. ​
The President of OIKOS Claudio Balestri and Head of the Oikos Academy in Russia Ilona Sinis
at a lecture-presentation in the ArtPlay SPb.
Claudio Balestri emphasized that OIKOS paints is not a "one-day" product. Clients of the company remain faithful to them for many years, as the modern trends and classics of Italian are combined in the palettes of colors, not so much design as art. So, the new Tiepolo collection was designed by Oikos together with the legendary architect Giulio Cappellini, and they dedicated it to the artist Tiepolo, famous for his coloring. Textured paints have 5 effects, 56 shades, which are combined with each other. The presentation of the palette was held by the head of the OIKOS Academy in Russia Ilona Sinis.

Claudio Balestri shared his thoughts on Russian design and national identity with St. Petersburg Design Week.
— What idea did you have about Russian design based on our event?

 — Each country has its own culture; I always have great respect for this. It seems to me, it is incorrect to make comparisons of countries and cultures. Russian design is changing now, but I may not be very happy about it. Gradually, we all become the same in the world. When you go out at the airport — no matter in which country — you can hardly determine which city you are in.

— From this point of view, what is the impact of trends on the design of a country?

 — Trends should exist with respect to the design of the country, without having to unify everything. Each designer gives him his own reading in the framework of the style of this country — this is good. In general, tastes are tastes, and, probably, fashion is not bad. But when everything merges into one, no, I do not welcome this.