Pascal Gravaud: "Trend Is A Combination Of How We Think, What We Feel And What We Hope For"

The famous designer presented a review of the most relevant trends of the upcoming autumn season at St. Petersburg Design Week.
Pascal Gravaud
Pascal Gravaud is a famous French architect and designer, owner of the company Pascal Gravaud Architecture, and also a specialist in urban planning. The largest French interior exhibition Maison & Objet entrusted him with the task of making this event more famous to the Russian public. In his lecture "French style in the interior: Maison & Objet exhibition and current design trends", a guest from France presented new tendencies on the example of the autumn season preview of the Maison & Objet 2019.

Pascal Gravaud paid much attention to the trends, since there are many individual meanings behind them: "It is very important how you understand the word "trend". This is not only and not so much a beautiful stand at the Design Week in Milan, not only a new chair or sofa: a trend is a combination of how we think, what we feel and what we hope for. " The main idea of the lecture was devoted to colors, forms and combinations — Pascal Gravaud made a detailed analysis of current trends in interior design, and also talked about how the interior market will develop in the coming years.
Pascal Gravaud
The architect is well acquainted with Russian design — from the 90s he worked a lot in Russia. "Globalization certainly affects all countries. At the same time, it seems to me, Russian design bears a lot from art: this is the impact of the past of your country, but multiculturalism has always been characteristic of Russia. Remember how many architects from Italy worked in St. Petersburg … Today everyone does everything for everyone, it seems to me that everything will soon mix. On the one hand, a fresh look is useful, on the other — it can be destructive for originality," Pascal Gravaud said.