Pavel Lebedev
A fourth-generation teacher, Pavel Lebedev, studied design at leading design universities in Russia: British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, School of Innovation and Creative Thinking "ICRA", and also constantly improved his qualifications at conferences and workshops. He completed an internship at a design studio in Germany (2008) and at the Design University in Finland (2009).
Since 2002, Paul involved in marketing, design and advertising. He headed the web design department of Kaspersky Lab, worked as a creative director at the Forward Media publishing house, as an art director at the Ogilvy international advertising agency.

He is speaker No. 1 on design in Russia in 2017−2018 according to TopExpert, Infobusiness2; Digital marketing expert No. 9 in Russia according to the independent rating