Russian Design Day

March 20, 2019
On May 30, guests of the Design Week Expo will enjoy business and social events with the participation of leading Russian specialists.
There will be lectures, round tables and master classes with the participation of designers, exhibitors, Russian design stars, professional associations, opinion leaders and representatives of Russian design schools on the territory of the main exhibition. Experts will share the secrets of craftsmanship, and successful Russian designers working with international brands will tell you how to bring a design brand to the world market. There are several topics for discussion, such as the professional interpretation of the trends, the interaction between customer and designer, and the psychological aspects of the designer profession. During the day, a workshop will be held, the participants of which will receive instructions on how to present an international brand in the Russian market in the best way. In addition, the program is scheduled to meet with the Russian designers of the year — "The Best Among Equals", as well as with new interesting brands on the market — the openings of the year. This year there will be a continuation of the discussion of the Design Week last season — "Russian Design: Own Style Or Copying Copies."
Russian experts will interpret global trends and tell how to use them in projects for the Design Week Expo guests.
Russian experts will interpret global trends and tell how to use them in projects
for the Design Week Expo guests.
The program of the day is being formed. Keep for updates.