Superdesignshow as an international research platform

World news
April 29, 2019
By launching the original format of the project "less fair, more museum", the founder of such centers as Superstudio Più and Superstudio 13, Gisella Borioli, together with art director and designer Giulio Cappellini, focused on the theme of traditions and innovations.
This year, the organizers of the Superdesignshow in Milan made a brave choice and gave Asian companies from Japan, Korea and Indonesia plenty of space to showcase original ideas that combine nature and technology, traditions and innovations. As a result, objects of design and art of large and small forms served as indicators of new international trends. The Italians, in turn, relied on color and, under the guidance of designer Giulio Cappellini, played on the contrast of black and white. The master, along with prestigious brands and famous artisans, presented the Superhotel project. Italian marble Pietra Naturale Autentica and special resin Gobetto deserved particular attention in the interior of the hotel. Another striking presentation of the Superdesignshow was the spectacular 3D projections of the towers from Dassault Systèmes, designed by architect Matteo Thun for 3M. Visitors of the show were amazed by the magic dance of ballerina, robots and light from Lexus, they were surprised by the disappearing LG TV and finally guests were conquered by the artworks of Flavio Lucchini, which materialized only through a smartphone at the Sense exhibition.

Denmark and Norman Copenhagen, Ukraine and Modern_ism, and Brazil took an active part in the design festival. 22 countries of the European Union presented environmental sustainability research as part of a partnership project. So, guests of the Materials Village were able to get acquainted with a variety of innovative and environmentally friendly materials that meet current design trends. For example, one of them is two-tone MDF from Finsa.

In addition, designers and architects were awarded several significant awards as part of the Superdesignshow. The winner of the Lexus Design Award was Lisa Marks (USA), who presented a 3D lace bra specially made for breast cancer survivors. The finalists of the Japanese Able Design Award, organized by five prestigious universities, were also determined. Finally, the CEO of Superstudio Group, Gizella Borioli, simultaneously acted as a design ambassador and sole judge at the Take a seat competition, organized in two cities — Milan and Osaka.

If earlier, many perceived the Superdesignshow as a small exhibition project, now the show has established itself as a center for research and cultural diversity, as a platform for professional dialogue between international designers and architects, which this year attracted the attention of 80,000 visitors and more than 2,200 journalists. The organizers of the event have already begun working on the 2020 program for the Superdesignshow. In the new season, guests are promised to surprise with unexpected innovations and a journey into the future world.