Teleconference with Massimo Iosa Ghini

July 22, 2019
Long-time friend of the St. Petersburg Design Week and ADD AWARDS became speaker of the 9th season of St. Petersburg Design Week supported by Oikos Group.
The design legend has been awaited for a long time in St. Petersburg, and there were no empty seats in the hall. Within an hour, Massimo Iosa Ghini talked about how his design developed. Today the maestro is convinced that he knows the secret of creating the perfect design product: his experience has been evolving for decades.

Iosa Ghini worked with Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group, he collaborates with famous world brands, runs its own Iosa Ghini Associati bureau, completing projects such as, for example, OKO Building in Moscow City. The designer also designs interiors for HoReCa objects and private real estate, and, he noted, the quality approaches to the design of spaces and the creation of objects do not differ. The concept that underlies is much more important: "When creating an object, I think about what technologies will be involved in production, from what materials I will make it. This applies to both the furniture collection and the simple door handle," Iosa Ghini shared. Properly chosen material allows you to transform the product conceptually: "If you take one collection and perform it in different materials, you get two completely different interiors," the designer is convinced.

During the entire teleconference, maestro again and again returned to the idea that the designer should create a product that he would like. He should strive to see the world (and design!) through the eyes of a potential client. However, we should not ignore current problems: "Today we should also think about sustainability".