"Theory of Light" by Lasvit

World News
April 18, 2019
The experiments of the Czech company with glass are highly appreciated in Milan.
The visitors of the Fiera Rho in Milan were "enlightened" by the exhibition entitled The Theory of Light, which was prepared by the Czech company LASVIT. The design and glassworks firm conceived its stand in the spirit of discovery, ferreting out light from the shadows of ignorance. There were four unique light installations hidden under the giant golden shades which represented four key features which form the light — Reflection, Spectrum, Nature and Perception itself. The smaller alcoves housed the newly-launched design lightings manufactured as part of LASVIT’s collections. "LASVIT's mission is to inspire the world with the beauty of glass, and each Salone del Mobile is another step on this journey. This year, we wanted to show just how many facets light has, and thus bring its beauty into clear focus," says LASVIT’s founder and president, Mr. Leon Jakimič.
Lasvit also introduced an experiment with the color spectrum, expressed in the installation De-Lux-Ity by Wanda Valihrachová, the experiment with light reflection entitled Aura by Mária Čulenová, and the experiment with nature, embodied in the installation Liana created by Maxim Velčovský who is also Lasvit’s creative director. And the festival also saw the premiere of the middle-sized chandelier of the Neverending Glory line of Jan Plecháč and Henry Wielgus, as well as the Glacier chandelier, designed by the renowned American architect William Pedersen.