Tortona Design Week Brought A Renewal Of The Milan Public Space

April 16, 2019
During Milano Design Week, once again the first and most notorious design district — Tortona Design Week — has gathered innovative proposals, great guests, international brands and designers.
Tortona Design Week was once again a magnifying glass focusing on contemporary life and the spirit of the times. Projects in the name of research, technology and experimentation show us the present — the here and #NOW— and reveal the role of #DESIGN in responding to society’s needs. Among the protagonists of this new edition: Fabio Novembre, Aldo Cibic, Ikea, Lexus International, Honda, German Design Council, Corraini Edizioni, Delta Light, Novartis, Union Corporation Japan, Keio University and others.
An information stand with the Tortona Design Week event program marked the boundaries of the Milan design district.
An information stand with the Tortona Design Week event program marked the boundaries of the Milan design district.
Together with a mix of big names and new proposals, product and service innovation, technology and tradition, Tortona Design Week brought an important renewal of the public space.

In order to help the people to move around the city, between exhibitions and events, Tortona Design Week involved Alfonso Femia to design the TDW Infopoints. The one located on Porta Genova square looked like a genuine landmark that marks the boundaries and coordinates of Tortona Design Week 2019.
Architectural installation Tortona Tensegrity created by architect Francesco Librizzi.
Architectural installation Tortona Tensegrity created by architect Francesco Librizzi.
Another public intervention was the one at Largo delle Culture yard, featuring the evocative installation by Italian architect Francesco Librizzi, created in collaboration with Silver Tre S.r.l.
Through the extrusion of Tortona Design Week logo, Francesco Librizzi created a light architectural structure on the rotunda, suggesting and evoking the presence of a pergola that protects and reveals the urban garden. Tortona Tensegrity is a segment of a possible architectural structure that through augmented reality could be perceived and viewed in its entirety — an imposing structure that characterizes the entire flower bed. The presence of slender columns under tension was a reference to the potential space of the garden and the rotunda that contains it.

Tortona Design Week is a partner of St. Petersburg Design Week 2019.