Travel To The Tropics

July 10, 2019
Flying oranges, lemons and bananas — artist and designer Kirill Ovchinnikov designed a bright space in the TREND ZONE at Design Week.
Tropics is a fashionable and long-playing trend, borrowed by interior designers from the world of fashion. "Tropics are very popular all over the world. Last year I presented my collections of wallpaper and fabrics at the Heimtextil exhibition in Frankfurt, where all the design offices of Europe showed palm trees, parrots, monkeys… So I decided to make my own tropics! I got unusual tropical fruits in the form of aircraft that flew into our wonderful summer!" artist Kirill Ovchinnikov said. Magic pineapples and bananas, oranges and lemons fly from the magical tropics of Kirill Ovchinnikov to our world, making it fabulous.

The designer recreated the atmosphere of a summer country holiday — with green grass, juicy fruit and comfortable lounge chairs. The Kirill Ovchinnikov HOME collection includes wallpaper, interior fabrics, furniture, lamps, tiles, and tableware.