Trend # 6 — Personalization

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April 17, 2019
Our time is rightly called the "era of personalization". This trend takes its origin in marketing: modern customers are no longer a faceless mass that buys the same chairs, clothes or food, but millions of personalities, each of whom has a unique set of needs and ideas about themselves, and is waiting for a corresponding attitude.
Business willingly monetizes this phenomenon with the help of computer technology. Companies analyze user behavior, for example, in social networks, and on the basis of analysis, offer them things of interest and great demand. It causes the headings "Recommended", "You may also be interested in", similar boards on Pinterest and smart targeting, which the further, the more accurately it hits the target. For instance, after analyzing the behavior of two users, a social network will show one Ralph Lauren Home ad, and another will get a small handicraft furniture brand advertising. And, most likely, there will not be a mistake.
Modular sofa Tape from Moroso by the project of Layer Design Bureau. Design: Benjamin Hubert.
Modular sofa Tape from Moroso by the project of Layer Design Bureau. Design: Benjamin Hubert.
Modern interior design is all about personalization: not wanting to furnish a house according to standard catalogs, people are increasingly turning to professionals in order to identify with them the characteristics of a particular room, the needs of a particular family and their aesthetic preferences.

Furniture factories also support the trend, increasingly offering products with bespoke or custom characteristics. So, almost all kitchens today are made to order, for a specific room with its features; modular sofas and storage systems help implement flexible planning solutions, and smart home technology could create a unique home control system, taking into account the habits and scenarios in each particular family. Factories of wallpaper, textiles and other finishing materials also work on personalization — even within one collection there are usually many different motifs, which makes it possible for hundreds of combinations.