Trend # 9 — Tropics

May, 24 2019
Tropics unite the market of fashion and interior design for many years. The tendency to use bright colors, exotic shapes, large prints does not leave the podiums and stands of design fairs.
In interior design, the tropic trend is primarily manifested in the textile and wallpaper directions: exotic botany, reliable or fancy, "blooms" on the backs of sofas, carpets and walls. In addition, various fruits, such as pineapples, are easily reincarnated into lamps and vases. Sometimes tropical prints can be seen even on the surface of cabinet furniture — modern technologies make it easy to transfer them to finished surfaces.

At furniture exhibitions, the tropical theme is actively used by designers and for the design of the brands' stands — southern plants in "green" zones and walls serve as a stylish background for interior collections. Interest in the tropics correlates with other trends, primarily with the fashion for the 70s, and indirectly influences the development of many of them. The popular saturated colors are perfectly combined with tropical motives today. Designers have come to the conclusion that the tropics do not have to be realistic, and now they are increasingly offering to rethink this theme in the spirit of impressionism: natural colors are replaced with explosive paints, forms "grow out", tension increases. After all, the main thing is to impress the viewer, and this interior exotic can be easily done.