Trend Number 2. Design As A Mantra

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March 05, 2019
"Less is better," is the new mantra of design, striving for peace and tranquility.
Having a large number of material things is no longer perceived as a guarantee of happiness. Simple, elegant, devoid of abundance, but at the same time necessarily comfortable and warm — that is what "smart" design means. These are muted but not dull colors, relaxing for both the eyes and the body. Designers strive to create oases of relaxation and clarity, choosing only high-quality and functional products.
TIRA modular sofa, Rolf Benz
TIRA modular sofa, Rolf Benz
This focuses on the quality of items, not on their quantity. The ability to combine and match colors and materials. And, in order not to be mistaken with a choice, it is enough just to turn to proven brands that suggest the formula for happiness: harmony in a home is harmony in life. Over the years, interior gloss magazines have instilled in us a love for simple and clear forms, quality design products, because it is with their help that you can create an interior that does not have a time frame and will always be relevant — because each of us needs a house in which we really want live.