Trend Number 3. Games & Experiments

Trend Zone
March 13, 2019
Designers feel relaxed in experiments and unusual tactile interactions.
Share Your Breath Light Installation, PRECIOSA LIGHTING. The emergence and movement of the light flux can be awakened by light exhalation.
Share Your Breath Light Installation, PRECIOSA LIGHTING. The emergence and movement of the light flux can be awakened by light exhalation.
Bold decisions endowed with expression and sense of humor, capture the product design and interiors. Playfulness, tactile perception and experimentation are becoming increasingly important for everyday life. The trend arose as a response to uniformity and widespread automation, seeking to satisfy our need for optimism and helping to escape from real life. This has affected not only the interior design: irony is increasingly common in fashion (haute couture is not an exception!), You can see the same in advertising campaigns of famous brands. Abstract forms combined with powerful primary colors create a joyful, childhood-inspired new reality where you can freely create and enjoy the process.

At the height of the trend, designers "invited" the characters from Disney films, plush toys, and even disappeared animals to the fashionable interiors. Light can now be controlled on the inhale and exhale, painting on the wallpaper is welcome, and instead of porcelain antique figures we are offered to use the huge Mickey Mouse. Someone will say that these are echoes of postmodernism, others — that this is part of our new world, focused solely on visual perception and instant wow-effect. In any case, you can enjoy the result of star designers' creativity — it will not be boring for sure!