New Project — Trend Zone

Trend Zone
February 15, 2019
We decided to learn from the experience of our foreign colleagues, and in the ninth season, experts of St. Petersburg Design Week 2019 will present the trend zone to the public for the first time.
Trend Zone is a product of co-creation of large interior companies and invited Russian designers. You will see 9 stands with ready-made interior solutions for each of the specified trends. The idea of the St. Petersburg Design Week Organizing Committee is to make the design accessible and clear, therefore, each of the 9 stands is an elaborate interpretation of the brilliant and sometimes crazy ideas of the industry trendsetters.
Trend Zone​ 2019
Trend Zone 2019
Trend Zone will include the nine most popular, multifaceted and interesting trends of this year. Nine current trends reflecting the development of world design. Every guest of St. Petersburg Design Week 2019 will be able to choose its own story — to go to the digital world or to go back to natural sources, to surrender to the power of trendy colors or to choose "new poverty", to create a successful collaboration or to come up with an original custom solution. Well, are you intrigued?

Every week we will introduce you to one of the nine trends of St. Petersburg Design Week 2019! Stay tuned!