Andrey Matsarin: Online Won’t Replace Offline

The General Director of the St. Petersburg Congress and Exhibition Bureau announced design forum in the Northern capital of Russia and spoke about the Bureau’s plans in the new conditions.
"The Congress Bureau was created 4 years ago in the structure of the Committee on Tourism. The Bureau is responsible for business tourism, holding congresses and forums. This is a serious component of supporting the city’s economy. We carry out more than 350 events a year, interact with customers, contractors, government agencies and private organizations, maintain and control the quality level on behalf of the city.

We formed an action plan taking into account regional and international events in various fields, such as science, education, sports, IT, and decided to develop design as well. It is St. Petersburg where forum on design should be organized! We are negotiating with various interested professional communities to organize this event. I believe that we have already managed to form the subject, determine the program and dates, but unfortunately, the pandemic corrected our plans.

Our main task for today is not to lose the communication that was built up with both regional and international communities. I am sure that in the next decade, online events will not be able to fully replace offline events, and next year we will have a busy period. At the same time, it is clear that these two modes will work in parallel, and we will use these opportunities. "