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June, 22

International Design Day

10.00−10.30 — Online Forum Opening. Programmatic Speech by President St. Petersburg Design Week Ruslan Chernobaev. Presentation of key speakers and participants.

10.50−12.00 — Lecture "Design Efficiency. Aesthetics versus Conversion "
Speaker: Pavel Lebedev, creator of the Marketograph Youtube channel

12.30−13.30 — Lecture "Aesthetic sustainability"
The statement of this speech is that the Italian Design is deeply rooted in cultural heritage and identity, especially within the aesthetic values, other than technical formalism and business validity. This peculiarity is so pervasive that some of the side effects, generated over the years, become predominant, like the ability to develop business through cultural identity and durable aesthetic experience. Especially the latter offers an alternative or integrative approach to support the sustainability of material, technology and process, towards a sustainable consumption and production patterns to help humankind transition to a circular economy.
Speaker: Andrea Tosi, Head of International Partnerships and Innovation of IED (Istituto Europeo di Design)
Moderator: Olga Melkova

13.50−15.00 — Lecture "The impact of business tourism on the development of destinations. St. Petersburg as a center of business tourism in Russia"
Speaker: Andrey Matsarin, General Director of the Congress and Exhibition Bureau of St. Petersburg

15.30−16.30 — Lecture "The World Design Organization initiatives in the current global situation of economic shutdown to support design and designers"
Speaker: Srini Srinivasan, President of World Design Organization

16.30−16.50 - Competition of the Day from the Finnish company Pohjanmaan: summing up among the audience

June, 23

Russian Design Day

11.00−12.00 — Lecture "Interactive Design for Events"
What is an event? Why do events still play an important role in the era of processes digitalization? What are the global trends at the moment and how to set the goal so as to be proud of the completed project? A powerful dose of inspiration, life hacks and rules for reinsurance when creating an event.
Speaker: Anastasia Bashanina, creative designer of the makelove employer-branding agency

12.20−13.20 — Lecture "Design as a driver of innovation. Prospects for the development of the design industry in Russia "
Speaker: Vitaly Stavitsky, President of the Union of Russian Designers

13.30−14.30 — Presentation of the federal competition for interior designers of Russia on the interior design projects completion for the KORTROS Group of Companies
Held as part of the ADD AWARDS 2020, supported by the KORTROS Group of Companies
Speaker: Philip Tretyakov, Chief Commercial Officer, KORTROS Group of Companies

14.40−15.00 - Competition of the Day from the Finnish company Pohjanmaan: summing up among the audience

June, 24

Business Networking Day

12.00−13.50 — panel discussion "Ecodesign and circular economy"
Speakers: Marina Lebedeva, Head of the Russian part of the international project EcoDesign Circle 4.0 of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program, General Director of Medina Art LLC, Russia
Conrad Dorer, Project Manager, EcoDesign Circle 4.0, Interreg Baltic Sea Program, Germany
Thomas Stautmeister, Professor, Partner of the Medina Art LLC, Russia, President of IpeA Academy, Germany
Markus Vihma, Ecodesign expert, Design Center, Estonia
Timur Irtuganov, General Director of the Association of Furniture and Woodworking Enterprises of Russia

14.50−15.50 — Lecture "Force Majeure in a pandemic"
Speaker: Ruslan Gatsalov, founder of the ArtLaw Center for Legal Protection of the Creative Industry

16.20−18.00 — Round table "Prospects for product design. Materials of the future, the process of their development and the supporting ecosystem necessary for this"
Speakers: Katya Bryskina, founder of Intelligent Morphology (IM-A) Studio, interdisciplinary artist, architect and computational designer
Jasmine Pradissitto, physicist, artist who created nitrogen dioxide absorbing material (NOX) (London)
Alexandra Kovaleva, architect and founder of the young Russian-Japanese architectural studio KOVALEVA AND SATO ARCHITECTS / KASA (Moscow, Tokyo)
Moderator: Marine Biro, producer, founder of the creative agency Artistik Bazaar

18.10−18.25 - Competition of the Day from the Finnish company Pohjanmaan: summing up among the audience

June, 25

Designer’s Day

THE UNTHINKABLE WORLD OF architect Simone Micheli
Speaker: Paolo Emilio Cassandro, Leading Architect of the Bureau Simone Micheli Architectural Hero (Italy)

12.10−13.10 — Lecture "Online Publicity. How interior designers and architects express themselves effectively and efficiently "
Speaker: Ksenia Ulyanova, Business Coach

13.30−14.15 — Lecture "The role of the media in the current global situation"
Speaker: Francesca Russo, Publisher of Design Diffusion World

14.25−14.40 — The film "Designer's Day Program" from the World Design Organization

15.00−16.00 — Presentation of the results and showing the competitive works of the children’s contest "Room of my dreams"
Speaker: Marina Lebedeva, Head of the Russian part of the international project EcoDesign Cycle 4.0 of the Interreg Baltic Sea Region program, General Director of Medina Art LLC, Russia

16.10−16.30 - Presentation "Design and Innovation of Miele Generation 7000 Household Appliances for Kitchen" and summing up the results of the contest “The Most Active Listener of the Forum” from Miele
Speaker: Elena Alexandrova, Project Business Manager, Mile CIS LLC