Designer’s Day

On June 25, performances of successful representatives of the profession are planned.
The program will be opened by Paolo Emilio Cassandro, lead architect of the Simone Micheli Architectural Hero bureau: he will talk about the principles of the work of the legendary Italian architect Simone Micheli. Business coach Ksenia Ulyanova will share with designers the secrets of creating a public image in the online space. Francesca Russo, the publisher of Design Diffusion World, will talk about how the role of specialized media has changed in the current global situation. The organizing committee of the international event and long-time partner of Design Week in St. Petersburg will present the most interesting moments of the World Designer’s Day celebration. The final Forum events are the finale of the children’s design competition "Room of my dreams" and the results of the competition "The Forum’s Most Active Listener" from Miele.