Ecodesign as an Engine for Economic Growth

The Design Week program will include a workshop "Ecodesign and the Cyclical Economy 4.0" from experts from Germany, Finland and Russia.
Ecodesign is not only the trend of the next decade, but also one of the driving forces of the Baltic region economies. The international project "Ecodesign and the Cyclical Economy 4.0" brings together designers, business representatives, specialists in the field of sustainable development from Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Estonia and Russia and all those who are interested in introducing technologies that can reduce the negative impact on the environment at all stages of the product or service life cycle. A holistic approach takes into account both the requirements for the appearance of the product and the consumption of resources during its production and operation, the simplicity and safety of recycling, as well as the materials' origin. The project is funded by a grant from the Baltic Sea Region INTERREG program. The Russian partner of the project is Medina Art.