Francesca Russo: "It's important for us to connect professionals around the world"

Design Diffusion World Publisher spoke about the role of the media in the crisis and the new opportunities the coronavirus has given the design world.
"The situation helped us to look at the world, we seized the moment and saw opportunities for ourselves. We have worked hard all this time to help companies and professionals — architects and designers.

So, we became a link between Alibaba and an online platform in Italy, which became a marketplace for designer products presented on Alibaba. For us, cooperation with such a large company has become a very important step. Many people think that these are Chinese products, but no, the company works with all world markets. We created content in such a way that each company had a specific page, and then developed a special service to merge the Webidoo site with Alibaba.

We then partnered with IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects / designers), an organization that works with 300,000 designers and architects around the world. We can become a link between companies, media and trendsetters. This is a global partnership. It is very important for us to connect professionals around the world so that everyone can follow the same path towards a common goal — to create a balance between technology and sustainability.

Our third partnership was collaboration with Family Studio, a company that organizes digital events. Together with IFI, we decided to release webinars to show on digital platforms how to design in a new way."