Goodness, Wonder & New Design Edges

Experts of Maison & Objet, a long-standing partner of St. Petersburg Design Week, named trends that will be relevant in the near future.
A significant, unexpected disruption is now affecting the decor and lifestyle industries and is prompting all of us to consider what’s coming. Philippe Brocart, Managing Director of Maison&Objet, Lilly Berelovich, CCO of Fashion Snoops, and Jaye Anna Mize, Vice-President of Home for Fashion Snoops reflected on the current situation and discussed market shifts, so we can all stay a step ahead of the practices and needs of tomorrow.
Suprematic collection and Limited Edition (Noom), designer Kateryna Sokolova><meta itemprop=
Suprematic collection and Limited Edition (Noom), designer Kateryna Sokolova

With Edge we challenge comfort zones with confront zones, as we are on the brink of uncertainty of what stands before us. It is here that we explore the innovation that is born from necessity — daring, adaptable and resilient design. Luxury becomes the ability to choose and it is from this intense drive to survive that one must practice extreme morality, seek sustainable practices and gather indestructible products as their future choices may be limited to none. It is crucial to be armed with streamlined essentials to tune out the external chaos and hone in on the task at hand.
Baby Alpaga, ibride,designers – Rachel &amp; Benoit Convers><meta itemprop=
Baby Alpaga, ibride,designers – Rachel & Benoit Convers

Wonder is a manifestation of the clash between the ever-changing awareness of our past, present, and future. In an attempt of hacked escapism, we find comfort in creating an incomprehensible world, one that ironically comes to mimic the things that we once found solace in. Thanks to innovations of AI and VR designers are playing with warped yet conforming shapes, design looks both familiar and completely novel — it’s a sensationalized concoction of rendered dimensions.
Eos | lampshade, Umage, designer Soren Ravn Christensen><meta itemprop=
Eos | lampshade, Umage, designer Soren Ravn Christensen

A communal craving for honest simplicity and wholesome satisfaction drives Goodness. Despite being jaded, worn out, and burnt out, we hold onto optimism and creature comforts to keep our imaginations burning. No longer caring about what’s a guilty pleasure and what’s simply pleasure, our anxious minds just want to settle on what’s good.