KORTROS Group of Companies Presented a Competition for Interior Designers

Experienced professionals will be able to take part in it.
The strategic partner of the Online Forum — the KORTROS Group of Companies — is a strong brand that is associated with quality and reliability. Over 15 years of history, the company has accumulated unique experience and competencies, which it considers to be the main advantage of the brand, along with high professionalism and healthy ambitions of the team, a highly effective business model and stability.

On June 23, a presentation of the new federal competition for interior designers of Russia, which already have experience in completing projects, was held as part of the Online Forum. Participants of the open competition are invited to create conceptual interior designs based on existing layouts for the KORTROS residential complexes. The competition will start in September, and its results will be announced at the ADD AWARDS Ceremony in December 2020.

"We are faced with the fact that even the best comprehensive completed object does not always meet the interests of customers. Often, fully finished apartments are still remade for themselves. The idea of ​​the competition is to agree on a design project, which the buyer will choose, already at the construction stage. For participants of the competition, we offer ready-made solutions and plans for creating conceptual projects, which can then be finalized taking into account the specific wishes of customers. We are ready to post these works on our website and then accompany the project during construction and until the object is commissioned," noted Philippe Tretyakov, Chief Commercial Officer of KORTROS Group of Companies.

Today, KORTROS Group has about 300 thousand square meters at the construction stage in different cities. The Akademichesky residential area in Yekaterinburg is being actively built: 4 quarters have a huge number of planning decisions in comfort class housing. In Moscow, there are the multifunctional residential quarter of business-class skyscrapers "Headliner", which is located opposite "Moscow City" and the cozy family residential complex "I Love" near the metro station "Alekseevskaya" and VDNH Park.