May, 28 — Design Made In Italy: Aperitif of St. Petersburg Design Week


Lecture "A design life"

Speaker: Aldo Sessano, Architect

Lecture: "The memory of automotive design"
Speaker: Antonio Carella, Architect, President of RACI

Curator, moderator of the lectures — Enzo Fornaro, representative of the Italian Union of Designers ADI in Russia and the Baltic countries.

Supported by the Consulate General of Italy in St. Petersburg.
Zheleznovodskaya ul., 3, Vasileostrovsky shopping center, mod. 39/3.

Presentation "9 Moments of Milan"

Speakers: Ksenia Bandorina, Associate Professor at the Art History Department of The Saint Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design, art historian, design expert, and leading designers: Maria Dlugoborskaya, Angelica Dolgacheva, Anna Markina, Elena Yurchenko, Svetlana Isakova.

Expert Ksenia Bandorina will talk about trends, fashion and novelties in the design world, and the leading designers of St. Petersburg will share their impressions about the most important event of the year — iSaloni 2019. Also in the program: new products from Dolce Porte, an entertainment program and an Italian wine list.

May, 29 — International Design Day

Open-Space Hall

10.00 — 10.45
11.00 — 11.45
12.00 — 12.45
13.00 — 13.45
14.00 — 14.45
15.00 — 15.45
16.00 — 17.45
18.00 — 18.45
Lecture "The Phenomenon of the Milan Salone del Mobile: Design as a Strategy for Success"
Speaker: Tatyana Petrova, St. Petersburg art critic, member of the Union of Designers. Decorator, Leading Lecturer at the International Design School (IDS, St. Petersburg) of the Interior Decoration and Interior Design departments.

The Milan furniture salon has been held since 1961, but it still evokes interest. Two and a half thousand exhibitors and almost a million visitors are the results of this year. What is the attraction of this exhibition and what does the Milan salon help attract all design interests? Tatyana Petrova will tell about it.
Seminar "New Technology & Design from the JUNG"
Speaker: Maxim Katyshev, manager and KNX engineer at the JUNG office in Russia.

Seminar on novelties of electrical installation products, control of lighting, curtains and blinds by the JUNG.
Lecture "Design Trends in 2020"
Speaker: Giovanni Ottonello, art director of the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED).

Working in the design world means being able to interpret contemporary cultural, social, economic and taste trends, go beyond the present and look to the future. The workshop participants will review the scenarios for 2020 through images and keywords to better understand what changes will occur in the design world, discuss the concepts of "code" and "audience".
Lecture "The Netherlands: the effect of light on the health, mood and motivation of people, the latest Dutch technology"
Speaker: Dennis Perren, the Netherlands

The importance of light in interior design in the specific climatic conditions of St. Petersburg and Moscow (short daylight hours in winter)
Lecture "Unique Design Solutions in New Collections of the EGE Carpet Coverings: from Tom Dixon to Jean-Paul Gaultier"
Speaker: Maria Romanova, Founder and Head of the Enfilade MARO Design & Architecture, Professor at the International Academy of Architecture МААМ.

How thanks to modern production technologies, you can create a unique carpet design that fits perfectly into your individual project, and at the same time will meet all your requirements for design and quality. The lecture will be especially interesting for designers and architects who create interiors of public spaces, such as hotels, restaurants, company offices, country clubs and residences, theater and creative spaces.

Supported by Ortgraf Contract.
Lecture "Nature Design from Finland"
Speaker: Ilona Rista, Finnish architect, wood artist, designer at the IR Relief

IR Relief is made of 100% Solid wood designed by Finnish designer Ilona Rista. The panels have a sufficient absorption of background noise. A wooden relief makes a peaceful space, where sound can be heard but it is not noisy. It is ordinarily placed on a wall or integrated into the furnishings. It suits very well to public spaces, auditoriums, meeting rooms or any space for which figures or perforation provide a solution to esthetic or acoustic requirements.

Supported by Pohjanmaan
Presentation of the Tiepolo Color Collection by Oikos
Speakers: Oikos President Claudio Balestri and Head of the Oikos Academy in Russia Ilona Sinis

Tiepolo is a collection created as a result of the collaboration of Oikos with the architect Giulio Cappellini, the ambassador of Italian design. Textured paints with 5 effects, 56 shades and perfect color combinations are suitable for creating small pieces of art in any setting. The versatility of the Tiepolo color collection allows you to decorate the interior in both modern and classical style, giving the surface exclusivity and uniqueness, as well as creating a high comfort for life thanks to its eco-friendly recipe.
Lecture "Traditions of Danish Design Performed by World-Renowned Designers of BoConcept"
Speaker: Alexandra Novikova, Business Coach, Group Dynamics Specialist, Personnel Training and Development Manager, BoConcept Russia.

A brief history of the formation and bright representatives of the Danish design. Organization of the BoConcept Company. BoConcept Designers: Karim Rashid, Oki Sato, Frans Schrofer, Henrik Pedersen, Morten Georgsen, Anders Norgard, Rene Hugard.

Hall № 3

13.00 — 13.45
14.00 — 16.00
16.00 — 16.45
17.00 — 17.45
18.00 — 18.45
20.00 — 20.15
Lecture "Am I creative enough? Winning portfolio tips"
Speaker: Olga Melkova, IED Regional Manager in Milan.

What is the difference between art and design? Does it exist? What does it mean to communicate an object? Designers feed their creativity looking at things happening in other worlds and in the communication: a film, a vase or a dress can serve to build projects. Are we able to read the symbols hidden behind shapes and colors?

Italian Excellency will be offered as a solution to demonstrate the best practices via design portfolio, mood-board and collage for international studies, scholarship competitions and job placement.
Round table "Sources of creativity. Creative industries are a promising sector of the economy"
The economy of today is called creative. This is due to the fact that creative activity requires more and more intellectual and creative efforts. The main question is how to make the newly emerging creative spaces develop territories, and new digital technologies not only contributed to the growth of innovative industries, but also developed cinema, advertising, design, architecture, art. Where to find the sources of real creativity and not lose yourself in the stream?

Invited to participate:
Giovanni Ottonello, professor, art director of the Istituto Europeo di Design (Italy),
Dennis Parren, lighting designer (Netherlands),
Claudio Balestri, Head of Oikos (Italy),
Ilona Sinis, Head of Oikos Atelier (Italy).

Moderator: Svetlana Eliseeva, owner and head of the Neva advertising agency, an expert in the field of creativity, design, branding and promotion.
Lecture "Types of contracts regulating the activities of the designer"
Speaker: atypical lawyer Ruslan Gatsalov, CEO "Architects of the Future — Team of the National Law Company D.D.F."

Types of contracts and the most common mistakes that are made at their conclusion. Answers to questions: why do we need an agency fee agreement; percentage of the cost of sales: hide or not; agency agreement: and whether to talk about it to the client; closing documents, their types and value; why working drawings do not confirm fulfillment of obligations; author's contract; architectural supervision agreement.
Lecture "Change of strategy. Milan. Euroluce 2019"
Speaker: Maria Morozova, designer, decorator, member of the Union of Artists, deputy director of the Art Future Design School for the development of new trends.
Press conference dedicated to the opening of the IX St. Petersburg Design Week
Fashion Show: new collection of the KOGEL Fashion House. FW 2019/2020, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the brand

May, 30 Russian Design & Architecture Day

Open-Space Hall

10.00 — 10.45
11.00 — 11.45
12.00 — 12.45
13.00 — 13.45
14.00 — 14.45
15.00 — 15.45
17.00 — 17.45
18.00 — 18.45
Lecture "Fashion of the Future Today"
Speaker: Marina Skulskaya, fashion historian, journalist, curator of the "Design of Costume and Accessories" department of the International Design School (IDS, St. Petersburg)

Wool from spider thread, orange peel silk, polygraph dress, biker jacket with airbags, T-shirt, embracing at any distance, a raincoat that turns rainwater into fresh water, tuxedo that monitors the level of alcohol in the blood… Technologies and things about which ingenious fiction writers could only dream of already exist in reality. At the meeting with Marina Skulskaya, you will learn about the latest inventions that you can already try on, and take a closer look at the projects that are still waiting for far-sighted investors.
Lecture "Light as a tool of influence. An environment that affects a person, and a person that affects an environment. New research in the field of light design specialists of the Higher School of Light Design, University ITMO"
Speaker: Daria Chirimisina, Master of Technical Physics (ITMO University, Light Design program), winner of the international professional award in the field of innovative light design LIT Design Awards 2017, co-developer of the educational module "Evaluation of Perception (Visual, Cognitive, Emotional)" international Master Program CLD ITMO University.
Lecture "What brand may come?"
Speakers: Ekaterina Doronina and Ekaterina Voevoda, Founders of GEMINI Communications

How to determine the choice of direction and what marketing and PR tools to use today. What you need to know about your brand for successful development. Brand positioning: examples of successful cases (Sundukovy Sisters and Geometrix Design). PR strategy as a joint work and work with PR and marketing specialists. An open communication platform and the creation of cross points projects in interdisciplinary areas against standard PR tools. What to delegate to a PR specialist and how to evaluate his work.
Lecture "Formation in Modern Architecture"
Speaker: Oleg Manov, Architect, Head of Futura-Architects Architectural Studio

Lecture as a call for professional dialogue. The speaker divides modern architectural projects into several groups in terms of shaping: square-nested construction, classic, minimalism, shocking bionics (deconstruction), "undecided" (a cross between bionics and minimalism). In this case, he will discuss only the last three branches. Despite the fact that it is only 10% of all that is being built today, it is these groups that influence on the development of architecture as a whole. Oleg Manov will tell why most of the inhabitants do not understand modern architecture, what is it and what changes can we expect in the future.
Lecture "Molding Decor & Polymer Plaster: an Innovative Tandem for Unique Interiors"
Speaker: Olga Grossman, RODECOR brand manager.

Rodecor is a new interior brand in the Russian market. Stucco decor is designed and produced in St. Petersburg from an innovative material — polymer gypsum. The main source of inspiration is Russian and foreign achievements in architecture, art and interior design. Advanced technology allows you to create elements that distinguish not only refinement, but also strength. This makes it possible to easily implement individual projects for different styles of interior. The presentation for architects, designers, decorators and connoisseurs of high style in the interior is supported by Piterra.
Round table "One on One on One"
Pokras Lampas and Andrey Lyublinsky are two outstanding examples in the field of Russian art and design. Both have built recognizable and vibrant personal brands. It is a rare case when the works of artists are accurately identified not only by professional parties, but also by a wide audience. Monumental calligraphic works of Pocras Lampas and sculptural-graphic objects and installations of Andrei Lyublinsky are known not only in Russia, but also abroad. The works of the authors are acquired by private collectors, public and state institutions, they are stored in museum collections. Let's talk at the round table about what projects the authors started with, how fame comes and where they are going to continue their professional career.

Participants: Pokras Lampas, artist, calligrapher, founder of Calligraphuturism; Andrei Lyublinsky, artist, designer, profile curator of the Communication design of the HSE Design School in St. Petersburg.

Moderator: Mitya Kharshak, designer, founder and chief editor of Projector magazine, academic director of the HSE Design School in St. Petersburg.
Meeting with designer Dima Loginov
At the meeting, Dima will talk about his collections, created in recent years, and answer questions from the audience.

Award winning Moscow-based designer Dima Loginoff is "the rising star of product design" according to a world famous magazine INTERNI. Dima has designed for world famous brands such as Artemide, VitrA, Elle Decoration, Studio Italia Design, Axo Light and others, and won numerous international awards including iF product design award and Red Dot product design award, International Design Award, Design And Design and many others. The designer has been a two-times nominee for a prestigious Young Designer of the Year award at the ELLE DECO International Design Award. Some of the most world famous magazines such as Women's Wear Daily, Elle Decoration, Frame, Harper's Bazaar and others have had interviews with Dima. His designs have been featured not only in a huge number of magazines such as Interni, L'Officiel Hommes, Glamoure, Domus, Collezione Trends, Maison Francaise, Architectural Digest, Numero, Elle, Esquire, but in many books as well. According to a reputable magazine Architectural Digest, Dima Loginoff is "one of the few Russian designers who have achieved fame in the western world". Elle Decoration wrote about Dima — "Young Russian designer has conquered the West just in few years", Harper's Bazaar wrote "Super Dima!" and the famous New York agency Agenda Inc. which has cooperated with many of the top fashion brands has named Dima Loginoff a designer of "shockingly beautiful things".
Lecture "About Dexterity, Ability to Do Tricks & Other Manipulations that Cause Surprise and Delight of Others"
Speaker: Andrey Lublinsky, artist and designer, graduate of the design department of the St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy, member of the Union of Artists of Russia.

During the creative meeting, Andrey Lyublinsky will share his understanding of design thinking, tell you why it is needed, demonstrate it with his and others' examples, how it can be successfully used in work, art and real life, and what comes out of it, as well as tell how the designer lives on the territory of art and why some artists hate him. The meeting will be held in the format of a lively pleasant and useful communication with the audience; the most curious will see the focus and listen to the anecdote.

As part of a series of lectures by the NCCA "Art vs Design: Extreme Points".

Hall № 3

11:00 — 13:00
13.00 — 15.45
16.00 — 16.45
17.00 — 17.45
18.00 — 18.45
Round table "Construction of Technopolises: Trends & View of the Young"
Technopolises are large scientific and industrial centers that serve as a place of attraction for investors, innovative projects and high-class specialists. In Russia there are several technopolises that have become the drivers of regional development. But there is no such objects in the St. Petersburg agglomeration. There are problems of pendulum migration from the region to the city and the lack of modern high-quality industrial areas of various sizes. Can we solve them today? What should be the project to interest investors and residents, and not to stay on paper? Let's discuss these issues and look together at a wonderful high-tech future.

Supported by the Russian guild of managers and developers.
Workshop "Group development of design concepts for the creation of mood boards"
How to make a design concept that will be both visionary and realistic.

Workshop by Giovanni Ottonello, IED Art Director and Olga Myelkova, IED Area Manager.
Lecture "Ugly Design: How We Loved the Ugliness of Design & Fashion, As Well As What's The Modern Art", as a part of the lectures series by the NCCA "Art Vs. Design: Extreme Points"
Speaker: Alexandra Generalova, organizer of international exhibitions of graphic designers "Marginal Design", editor of the "Art" section in the magazine

For the last couple of years, the fashion industry and graphic design have experienced a boom of "deformities". Designers are turning to conscious and thoughtful "ugliness", moving away from conventional beauty. What is beautiful now and what is ugly? The path along which the design is now going, modern art has already passed, and almost 100 years ago. In the early '90s, Stephen Heller, a journalist and art director at the New York Times, wrote in a well-known Cult of Ugly article: "Ugliness as a tool, a weapon, even a code is not a problem when it is a result of the "form determines function" principle. But ugliness in itself or as a thoughtless reaction to the existing situation discredits the design." Let us try to understand how contemporary art affects all areas of design, creating the fashion for ugly solutions.
Lecture "The Development of Contemporary Art in Istanbul"
Speaker: Bengü Gün, Director of Mixer Art Gallery, Curator.

In 2010, Istanbul received the status of the "Cultural Capital of Europe" and over the past almost ten years has proved to the whole world: Turkey is an important point on the world map of modern art, architecture and design. At the lecture, the director of the leading Istanbul gallery will talk about the ways of the modern art development in Istanbul and how Turkish galleries use their design to increase their sales.
Lecture "Vertical Gardening — Trend of 2019" by Deco Green

May, 31 Designer’s Day: a special program for professionals

Open-Space Hall

10.00 — 10.45
11.00 — 11.45
12.00 — 12.45
13.00 — 13.45
14.00 — 14.45
15.00 — 15.45
16.00 — 16.45
17.00 — 17.45
18.00 — 18.45
Lecture "Typography & UX of the Web- Sites Interfaces"
Speaker: Urho Ryattel (Estonia), curator of the web design department at the International Design School (IDS, St. Petersburg)

Tips on interface design in terms of typography. Font selection, weight, tracking.

Universal typography tips on interfaces. 15 rules for working with text on sites and interfaces.
Seminar "Innovations in the Control of Lighting, Curtains & Blinds by JUNG"
Speaker: Maxim Katyshev, manager and KNX engineer at the JUNG office in Russia.
Lecture "Design Education at DAE: Product Design meets Social Awareness"
Speaker: Ncoline Dorsman, Consultant International Education Projects, Design Academy Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

Complex social, economical and cultural problems call for the creativity of people who dare to think outside the traditional frameworks. Designers form the Design Academy Eindhoven reflect on small- scale designs and on larger-scale themes, such as sustainability, well-being, healthcare, quality of life, public spaces and the contexts within. In the presentation Nicoline Dorsman will give examples of how these themes come to live.
Lecture "Visual Design Research"
Speaker: Isabelle Makay, visual anthropologist, documentary maker and educator at the Design Academy in Eindhoven

How visual ethnographic research methods can be used in design practice, not only as inspiration source but also to gain new insight which is in close connection with the people you study.
Lecture "Using the Hoff range to create modern interior solutions"
Speakers: Yana Korobova, manager of the Design and Architecture department, and Artem Roshchupkin, manager for working with corporate clients.

The program of cooperation with designers and architects, the Hoff's range and working conditions.
Lecture "Miele. Innovation in the world of home appliances"
Speaker: Olga Karandina, Head of the Miele Academy

Olga Karandina will tell how household appliances have changed over the past 100 years, what role does it take in modern life, what innovations and design solutions are used to create it, and what awaits us in the near future with the development of information technologies.
Lecture "Engineering & Design. How to Find the Middle Ground?"
Speakers: Sergey Shilin, Roman Omelchenko, Maria Panahova — a team of experts in compact ventilation of the Connected Home.

Modern solutions for the installation of a ventilation system that will provide almost any object with clean and fresh air. What else does influence on the design like a ventilation system? How much time do designers spend on coordinating ceiling design with duct design? How long does it take to implement such systems? You can "close" the project much faster. Sergey Shilin, Roman Omelchenko and Maria Pakhova will tell you how to properly ventilate an apartment, office, hotel, and how to quickly and without a headache install systems at any stage of renovation.
Lecture "French Style in the Interior: Maison & Objet & Current Design Trends"
Speaker: Pascal Gravaud, Architect, Designer, Pascal Gravaud Architecture, Elegance Interieurs, "Creative Workout in Paris" (France)

Presentation of new trends on the example of the M&O autumn season 2019 preview, which will be held in September in Paris. The lecture is devoted to the evolution of tendencies that twice a year reflect the most current trends during the event.
Lecture "The Psychology of Color: Introversion & Extraversion"
Speaker: Elena Teplitskaya, Designer

What is no longer relevant and how not to be afraid of bright colors in the interior.

Supported by DULUX.

Hall № 3

11.00 — 11.45
12.00 — 12.45
13.00 — 13.45
14.00 — 14.45
15.00 — 15.45
16.00 — 16.45
17.00 — 17.45
18.00 — 19.45
Lecture "How to build the largest network of design studios for 2 years" by the MOSSEB Interior Design Studio
Speaker: Alena Sokolnikova, Ph.D., associate professor, specialist in design history, independent curator and teacher, author of the "Design in Detail" project.

Design history as a source of inspiration. The design ideas of Soviet designers of the 1920s — 1980s are topical from the position of today. Comparison of historical and contemporary examples in the field of industrial design, furniture design and interior accessories.
Lecture "Soviet Design: Actual Heritage"
Speaker: Alena Sokolnikova, Ph.D., associate professor, specialist in design history, independent curator and teacher, author of the "Design in Detail" project.

Design history as a source of inspiration. The design ideas of Soviet designers of the 1920s — 1980s are topical from the position of today. Comparison of historical and contemporary examples in the field of industrial design, furniture design and interior accessories.
Lecture "How a designer to work with contemporary art today: to understand, to choose, to buy"
Speaker: Nastasya Piletskaya, art historian, curator, chief specialist of the art programs department of the North-West branch of the National Center for Contemporary Arts.

How to use works of modern art in interior design? What fairs are selling affordable art? Why the picture from the subway transition is not suitable for the decoration of a hotel or restaurant, how galleries and art agents accompany the deals, and why modern art in the interior is fashionable today.

As part of a series of lectures by the NCCA "Art vs Design: Extreme Points".
Lecture "Modern Russian Interiors: Shootings, Publications, Ratings. The ELLE Decoration's Choice"
Speaker: Alexey Dorozhkin, editor-in-chief of one of the leading interior publications ELLE DECORATION; art historian; Member of the Board of the Association of Designers and Interior Decorators of Russia (ADDI) and the Association of Product Design Specialists.
Lecture "Creative business. Instructions for use. Development of creative business: from idea to project implementation "
Speaker: Irina Dubovskaya, product designer, expert in the field of international PR, candidate of cultural studies, founder of the design studio "Culture Codes", reads her own courses in Intercultural Management and "International PR" at Moscow State University. Guest Lecturer at the Details Design School.
Lecture "Theater set design in the office interior" (in the framework of the ABD Architects monograph presentation)
Speaker: Sofia Tkach, Chief Architect of ABD architects (Moscow)

Creating an office space, an interior architect sometimes feels himself as a stage set designer — after all, he creates memorable, bright, and most importantly, multifunctional decorations, against which the history of the company and the brand will develop. The monograph "ABD architects" is a map of selected competitive and realized interiors of public and office spaces designed by the bureau over the past six years. There are offices of the largest progressive Russian and foreign companies, interiors of representative offices of banks, training centers, a private clinic and the largest atrium in Moscow.

Supported by the TATLIN Publishing House.
Lecture "Private Architecture" (as part of the monograph presentation by Alexandra Fedorova Architects)
Speaker: Architect Alexandra Fedorova (Moscow)

In 2018, the architectural bureau of Alexandra Fedorova turned 15 years old. The bulk of the projects implemented over the years are in country and seaside villas, as well as residential interiors. In its objects, the bureau strives to implement timeless architecture, to use solutions that are directed not to immediate trends, but to global tendencies. As a result, the projects are characterized by concise forms in high-quality design and materials, thanks to which there is neither coldness nor asceticism in them. It is also important that both whole objects and local interiors are created by means of architecture, which does not preclude further decoration of the space.

Supported by the TATLIN Publishing House.
Master class in fluorescent painting
Speaker: Ilya Kreidun, artist, founder of Eos fluorescent painting courses

The concept of light intensity plays a role in the visual perception of fluorescent. The load on the optic nerve, the frequency of incoming information. Working with this material, using its principles is an analysis, an experiment on the perception of its visual receptors, a new sensitive experience.
Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts, Cannelle Lobby Bar, Nevsky Prospect, 49/2

Opening of the exhibition "ELLE Decoration 25 covers"

The exposition will demonstrate the changing trends in the field of design and the development of design ideas in Russia and шт the world. The most interesting covers with landmark projects were selected for the exhibition. ELLE Decoration is the most popular international magazine about interiors in Russia. Published in 25 countries. It is the world’s best-selling interior magazine. The magazine has been published in Russia since April 2001.

The exhibition will run until June 21.

June, 1 — Newcomer’s Day

Open-Space Hall

11.00 — 11.45
12.00 — 12.45
14.00 — 14.45
15.00 — 15.45
16.00 — 16.45
17.00 — 17.30
Lecture "Color: from antiquity to the XX century"
Speaker: Tatiana Lehovich, Ph.D. in Art History, curator of the collection of European fabrics and tapestries in the Hermitage.

-Color: the perception of people of different colors from antiquity to modernity.

 — Symbols of color in textiles

 — Using colors for textiles and interiors from antiquity to the beginning of the 20th century: what did the color preferences in Russia and Europe depend on in different historical eras?

On dyeing techniques and their evolution, on the effect of the availability of dye sources and dyeing technologies on the use of fabric colors for clothing and interior design. The lecture is intended for professionals working with interior and interested in the history of textile technology.
Lecture "Renovation: Where to Start"
Speaker: Julia Bessonova, Designer.
Lecture "Art in the interior: interior painting or painting in the interior"
Speaker: Polina Malina, Designer, Red Line.
Lecture "Protection of intellectual property of designers and their copyright"
Speaker: Olga Napolova, "Defender of Ideas" Patent Bureau.

Lecturers will learn how to protect their brand and design from copying, and how a designer can capitalize on his intellectual property.
Lecture "Design trends of Italy and the United States in the interior of the St. Petersburg apartment"
Speaker: Julia Krylova, interior designer, founder and director of the interior design studio Dago Dom.

Magazines are full of headlines about fashion trends and new collections of famous furniture and interior brands. Yulia Krylova will talk about how to decorate a St. Petersburg apartment with dignity, taking the best of modern trends and not becoming a victim of fashion.
Summing up the competition for the best stand
Speaker: Julia Krylova, interior designer, founder and director of the interior design studio Dago Dom.

Magazines are full of headlines about fashion trends and new collections of famous furniture and interior brands. Yulia Krylova will talk about how to decorate a St. Petersburg apartment with dignity, taking the best of modern trends and not becoming a victim of fashion.

Hall № 3

14.00 — 14.45
15.00 — 15.45
17.00 — 17.45
Workshop "How to Buy Curtains: to choose the right fabric, order, sew and care"
Speaker: Anna Kuts, head of textile department at Manders

Curtains are one of the most important elements of home decor. The choice of textiles, of model and type of drape runner, as well as tailoring design — useful tips and secrets for beginners and experienced homeowners from an experienced specialist of Manders.
Children's Program
Lecture "How to find your developer?" by Supreme