Season 10 of Design Week will take place

It will run according to plan from May 27 to May 30, taking into account new challenges.
The mission of Design Week is to develop the design and interior market in St. Petersburg. For this, St. Petersburg Design Week has all the necessary tools and accumulated competencies. The project team takes into account all administrative requirements and thinks through safety measures in advance during the event. We hope that the situation will improve by the end of May and the restrictions will be removed. However, we want to make sure in advance — and have already thought out how to conduct the event without risking the participants health.

Here’s what we’re working on right now to reassure you:

  • The pulsating audience rotation helps to better organize the flow of visitors, avoiding excessive crowding. The Design Week lecture program is held in parallel in several rooms, while the topics of lectures are practically not overlapping. This helps to better plan time for both participants and visitors. The program is formed in such a way that every hour and a half there is a change in the audience of visitors.
  • Guests from troubled countries will take part in the program in the form of a teleconference and online conferences to avoid visa difficulties. This primarily concerns speakers from Italy.
  • If the restrictions on the number of participants in cultural events are extended, we will do so to maximize the flow of visitors without sacrificing traffic. For example, thematic group tours of the exhibition with a visit to stands on a predetermined topic.
  • Also the project "Club of Business Meetings" will be launched to become a part the Design Week at the ARTPLAY SPb Design Center.
  • We are already looking for a partner who will provide all participants and guests with the necessary number of masks and disinfectants, if necessary.
  • Russian people are famous for their fiction and ability to withstand any difficulties. Competition for the most creative personal protective equipment will help to take a fresh look at this not always pleasant accessory.

It is important to stay together and help each other in difficult situations!

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