Vitaliy Stavitsky About Design as a Strategic & Economic Tool

Within the Online Forum framework, the President of the Union of Russian Designers spoke about the current situation in the industry and presented priority projects in his lecture "Design as a driver of innovation. Prospects for the development of the design industry in Russia".
"Today, there is a serious war for the design industry in the world. We live in the Design 5.0 era. Russia is moving from the 4th stage to the 5th stage, because so far we have not yet developed the idea that design is not only money, but also politics, and sovereignty, that is, the security of our industry and economy.

Design as a strategy and policy has been accepted by all world players. The largest companies have at least one design specialist in the board of directors (Apple, HP, Xiaomi, Huawei). Design is the basis of sales, profits and stable work of the company over the next 50 years.

Design is a strategic and economic tool that creates a new reality and environment. The Russian labor market of the design industry employs more than 1,200,000 people. This is almost 1.6% of the economically active population of Russia. Over the past five years, we have released more than 95,000 specialists — experts who work not only in Russia but also around the world.

The "Design Accelerator" project will be launched at the "Boiling Point — POLYTECH" in St. Petersburg. This is a platform where young specialists in the field of design will be able to complete their projects from idea to production with the help of eminent designers, multidisciplinary specialists, business representatives and investors. The project will start in August-September.

Another project is the Design Development Institute. It is a research center in the field of design and the creative economy. We will conduct research and share the results in the public domain to show how much the economy needs us. About 10,000 specialists annually leave our country to work for foreign companies.

The Russian Design Index is a platform that protects interests. It aims to popularize Russian design and create a design qualification rating in the Russian market. Here we will present the best representatives of the design industry of our country. On the platform you can find all the contacts, see examples of work. This is a tool to support the economy. "